Royal Volume & Mega Volume Lash Techniques   
When doing classic lashing we have to cover every single natural lash whether its a baby lash, teen lash, or adult lash. But with MegaVolume lash technique (o.o3 lashes) the fans we are making are so dense and fluffy we only cover the adult strong lashes leaving weaker ones to grow and thrive. Plus they are lighter in weight and handmade lash fans only, NO premade fans or clusters! We also only need 70% coverage to have a full volume look. MegaVolume is Mega Safe. Using high end Royal Stable lashes from LashboxLA, you will have the best lashes fit for any  lash queen.

Volume, MegaVolume, & Hybrid Lashes 

Duchess Meghan Full Mega Volume Lash Set-$380.00

Duchess Kate Light Mega Volume  Lash Set-$350.00 
 Princess Charlotte (2D-3D) Volume Lash Set-$325.00 

Royal Highness Hybrid Lash Set-$275.00 & up
Volume Fill-$80.00 & up 
Extra Volume Fill-$95.00 &up
Extra Full Volume Fill-$135.00 & up

MegaVolume Fill-$100.00

Extra Full MegaVolume Fill-$135.00 & up
Mini Volume Lash Fill (last minute touch up)-$55.00

    Classic Lashes(1:1 lash technique)               

Queen Elizabeth Lash Light Classic Set-$200.00 & up

Princess Diana Classic Lash Set.-$250.00 & up

Classic Lash Fill-$70.00 & up

Extra Classic Lash Fill-$82.00

Extra Full Classic Lash Fill-$92.00

Mini Classic Fill-$45.00




LashLift for Natural Lashes

LashLift/Tint for Natural Lashes-$100.00 (Lash Treatment included)

**All full price lash sets come with an aftercare kit. Please make sure you have 40% of your lash extensions intact to be considered a lash fill. Please give a 24 hour cancellation notice or you will be subject to a cancellation fee. All timing, prices and techniques vary from the artist you see.

Brow Menu/ Microblading and Waxing

Microblading is hairlike strokes done with a small blade while depositing an organic pigment. This includes 2 sessions done 4 weeks apart to achieve your full brow look. Microblading lasts anywhere from 6 months to 2 years depending on your age and how quickly your skin sheds. 


Initial New client Microblading Session-$570.00

Current client Microblading 6 mo & under  touch uo session-$150.00

Current client microblading 12 mo & under touch up session-$300.00

Current clients microblading 12 mo to 24 mo new session-$470.00

Microblading Brows Consultation.-$20.00

BrowWax or face per area-$15.00

Brow Tint or henna -$25.00


​** After 24 mo microbading is full price again 

Red Rose Lash Bar Pricing 

Get the Royal Lash Treatment. The best lash experts enhancing your natural lash queen beauty.

Red Rose Lash Bar